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We are boost your Profile & Reputation in your Constituency

We are a dynamic team of creatives people of social media marketing, design, web & apps development.

We are Providing Politician E-Campaign Service. We are boost your Profile & Reputation in your Constituency. We are professional and skilled employees with over 3 years of experience in political management in India. We offer the best proposals for different categories of election campaigning. Join the community of Digital Marketing, Media, and advertising experts to strengthen your political campaign management.

How we Work !

Below are three basic steps we follow to make our work more professional and efficient.


We will collect data from field through your/own representative. Images, Video Information, Live Data etc.


Your own personal social media manager will handle all your social media accounts /blogs /websites and will post on your behalf, will do paid promotion for them if needed.


Project manager will get data processed for social media sites. Image Editor, Video Editor, Graphic Designer
Why Delhi Chunav Parchar Best For Political E-Campaigning
  • Regular Posts in Favour of Candidate
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Enhance Visiblity In Social Media
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Concept Designing
  • Track Opponents Social Media Activities

Delhi Chunav Parchar

We are boost your Profile & Reputation in your Constituency
Political e-Campaign through Delhi Chunav Parchar is a coordinated effort of our expert team who help exercising your political campaign over the web. We assist you in presenting updates, voting-process, future development plans and more. In the recent years, social media platform has become quite powerful. These days people generally spend most of their time on the web. Taking the advantage of the same AddLead has taken a new initiative to reach our people through e-campaign which would be available right at their fingertip. When you remain updated with all the political updates it makes things easier for you to attend campaigns and decide on the same.

What we Do !

  • Building the identity of the candidate.
  • Reputation management of candidate at individual level.
  • Grow follower base.
  • News and feed management.
  • Collection of data on regular basis by field manager.
  • Enhancement of the work done by the client.
  • Stand on social and political evils.
  • Polls ,surveys, Feedback’s.
  • Personalized app with integrated social platforms so there can be direct interaction.
  • Maintaining public relation of the client.

Social Media Role In Politics

  • Why You Need Social Media?

    We all know that social media is very important for campaigning because it is a very fast communication medium. In order to reach more voters in less time, political parties are fast recording their presence on social media. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand. A firms social media presence, when done correctly, tells clients that their brand is active and focused on thriving conversation with consumers. Social media marketing has the power to increase clients loyalty. Social media gives you a chance to talk about what you know and what you want to be known for. Sharing your knowledge will attract potential professional and personal connections.

  • How does the media play a role in politics?

    In India, the media play an important role in the campaign and election processes. In our Indian democracy, almost all citizens get the latest news and information from the media. Media gives the shape that we explain and inspect political information, such as election coverage and other political events. In fact, the media plays many different roles. We use all the media to inform us. Here, the media reports news and information for the general public. This is the most important role of the media in democracy because citizens play an important role in the political process and they should be informed to make educated political choices.

  • How We do political campaign?

    The important part of the electoral strategy is propaganda, so we can help you all through banner, poster, handbill, wall painting, hat, cutout, advertisement etc. to spread the campaign. Simultaneously, investigate the problems of the area; connecting people with various media such as Twitter, Watts-App Group, Facebook, SMS, Blog etc., draw people’s attention to you through bulk messages and make valuable contributions in your victory.

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Features of political e-campaign through Delhi Chunav Parchar

Internet is the Next World Gaining Trust in the Digital World


The political e-campaign services provided by Delhi Chunav Parchar are quite cost-effective.


Through the political e-campaign done by Delhi Chunav Parchar, you tend to reach a number of targeted audience at a time.


We help you get your campaigning details personalized as per your requirements.


The data that we circulate for your political e-campaign is 100% genuine, relevant and well researched.


Every political e-campaign done by us is made mobile friendly so that you could get political updates in one touch.


Engaging the targeted audience has always been our priority.


Through political e-campaign services, we make participation in the election easier.


Recruitment of volunteers through us becomes way easier than the traditional way.


Raising funds for political e-campaign is just a matter of few clicks.
India's Top Political E-campaign Agency

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We Trigger ALL & Post in one-shot


Website-Has many functions to use for various fashions, service-updates and more to update a large-audience-base.


Facebook-Accessed on Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones over the Internet.

Digital Media

Digital media - Uploading photos, videos, & more copyright products over the web and social sites.